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Bird feeder video

When I bought my first bird feeders it quickly became obvious that I needed something larger than standard commercial feeders. Even the largest feeder I could find needed filling every day. Luckily I had some surplus 90 mm diameter plastic pipe so I decided to make my own industrial sized feeders (click here for photos) . They range from 1.8m to 3 m (6-10 feet) tall and hold around 25 kg of sunflower seed when they are all full (they don't stay full for long)! If you watch the video below you will see why standard feeders just were not big enough, it takes up to 2 kg of seed per day to keep this lot fed!

The feeder on right is filled with sunflower seed and the one on the left is for peanuts. The tray in the centre is for water.

Click the play button below to view the video on you tube.