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Photography Workshops

For SLR and DSLR users

Fungi Photography

Saturday 28th October 2017  9.30am to 12.30pm

Fairhaven Woodland And Water Garden

South Walsham

Tea/coffee and biscuits served on arrival

(from 9 AM).

This practical workshop will start with a short talk to explain the basic settings on a DSLR or SLR camera and how they effect the final image.

The remainder of the course will be spent in the gardens locating and photographing the wide range of fungi found at Fairhaven and putting the theory into practice.  We will look at subject selection, suitable lenses, reflectors, composition, and how to use camera settings to achieve a variety of results.

Students will be able to test some of my accessories and Cannon users will have a chance to use some of my

L series lenses.

Please bring your own camera and instruction manual.


£35 per person (£30 Fairhaven members).

To book

Call Fairhaven on 01603 270449.

All of the photos displayed on this page were taken at Fairhaven.