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August 2013

Hedghogs take advantage of new drinkers

The weather here in Norfolk was been very dry this summer so I recently bought some chick drinkers and placed them around the farm to help the wildlife find water. I put one at the edge of my hay field where I have been feeding our hedgehogs with meal worms recently. Both the meal worms and the water have been very welcome as can be seen on some of my trail camera footage

9 March 2014

Barn owls move in

In recent years I have erected several owl boxes in my local area. Having not seen any barn owls recently I was pleased to see an owl entering one of my nest boxes a couple of days ago. Yesterday I placed my trail camera nearby to see if the owl is a regular visitor. When I checked the footage this morning I was delighted to see I have a pair of barn owls in residence. I'm keeping everything crossed now in the hope that they will breed. Watch this space!