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Coaster cutting on the clicker press

High quality framing at competitive prices

For customers able to visit my workshop in east Norfolk (by appointment only)

I have my own fully equipped modern framing workshop in which I can frame any of my images or customers own work with your choice of mount colour, frame and glass to suit your own tastes / decor.


Single and double mounts are available in a wide range of colours and border widths etc.

I use acid free mount boards, barrier boards and tape to protect and prolong the life of the framed item.

The photo to the right shows a mount being cut.


All frames are cut on a guillotine (left) to produce a high quality finish.  The corners are then pinned and glued (right) to give a long lasting joint.  All frames are sealed front and back to prevent insect entry.


In addition to standard picture framing glass I now offer UltraView glass.  This glass is so clear it is almost invisible and has very low reflection levels.  The difference can be clearly seen in the Photo below of a sample frame hanging on my workshop wall.  

When I exhibit at craft fairs I often see people tap the right hand side of the frame just to check it really does have glass in it !