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Print Sales

To purchase prints and mounted prints from this site please visit my galleries and click the desired photo(s).  You will find print sizes and prices listed on the add to cart section near the bottom of the page.

Dry mounting in the vacuum press

Dry mounting

Prints larger than 6 x 4 inches are dry mounted.  Dry mounting is a specialist process where the print is glued to a barrier board with a heat activated glue tissue, this ensures that the print remains flat and does not wrinkle.

I use acid free barrier board, this protects the photo from acids found in the back board of the picture frame.  All of my mount boards are also acid free which further protects the print.

Framing service

For customers able to visit my workshop in east Norfolk (by appointment only)

I have my own fully equipped modern framing workshop in which I can frame any of my images or customers own work with your choice of mount colour, frame and glass to suit your own tastes / decor.  Please visit my framing page for more details.